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“Your time is extremely valuable.”

Individual Therapy

Therapy should never feel like it’s just another weekly obligation, so we have made it easier than ever to get help. We are offering online therapy as a way to help ease some of the burden that may come from having to rush from appointment to appointment, especially after school or a full workday. We have appointments available throughout the week to make our services more accessible and convenient for you.

Online therapy sessions are offered on the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) and it is similar to FaceTime, where you will be able to see your therapist. The therapy portal is accessible and confidential. Research shows that online therapy is as effective as face-to-face therapy when the right approach is used.


However, some people are not comfortable with online therapy, so it is not for everyone.


Here are some reasons that online therapy might be a good fit for you:


  • During the pandemic: it’s safer to seek support via online therapy than going in person.

  • Ease of transportation: you don’t have to worry about being stuck in rush hours, traffic, parking or public transport.

  • Comfort: Sometimes when we are stressed, anxious or feeling down, we don’t want to leave the comfort of our room. You can sit in your pjs with a cup of tea/coffee and have your online session.

  • Accessibility: Online therapy is one of the most accessible approaches.

  • Convenience: We are available whenever you are whether that’s after work or during your lunch time or over the weekends.

  • Weather: Nobody wants to drive in a snowstorm or a rainy weather, so how nice would it be to not leave your house during that miserable weather.

  • Privacy: Making sure you have privacy at home, we do have a chat option for online therapy to protect your privacy, just in-case you are not comfortable with having your sessions at home.


When is online counselling NOT a suitable option?


  • Complex mental health diagnoses (hallucination, unmonitored eating disorders, recent suicide attempt)

  • If internet signal is poor in your area


Online Individual Therapy helps people process personal struggles, life challenges and transition. It can focus on examining past events or present concerns which are causing emotional distress. Some of the concerns people might experience include mental health, relationships difficulties, managing work-life balance, starting a new life chapter and many others.


Therapy is its own process, often involving discomfort, confronting suppressed emotions, lifelong behavioural patterns and celebrating the progress and accomplishments.


What are some things that could be worked on in individual sessions?


  • Improving communication

  • Managing conflicts while being aware of difficult emotions

  • Building healthy relationships and/or ending destructive ones

  • Setting boundaries

  • Managing your mental health

  • Living your authentic while managing your mental health

  • Adjusting to a new culture and country if Canada is your new home

  • Addressing mental health diagnosis and/or dual diagnosis with evidence-based therapeutic methods

  • School anxiety/stress

  • Self-esteem and self-confidence

Ready To Make a Change?

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